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About me

A life full of creative ideas

Christian Lutz



My name is Christian Lutz and I help companies to process their spatial data quickly and easily. I am convinced that there is a programming solution for everything. Every idea, every thought.


I studied Geoinformation Science because I am interested in this earth, the shape and the appearance. I love to browse maps and to travel. To interpret, why what was created and how it will develop further.

During my studies I had the honor to learn software development and have 15 years of experience in many languages ​​and large projects. After my first job, I wanted to take responsibility myself. And help even more companies to develop the perfect applications for them and to realize their ideas and visions.


My key for this: listening. Listen and implement the ideas into code. For this, I use my creativity and my high motivation to solve every task.



Feel free to contact me if you would like help with your project!

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