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GIS applications according to your requirements

GIS desktop and web applications with which you can quickly and easily process your spatial data the way you need it.


By listening closely, advising and constantly exchanging ideas towards that software that takes your specific needs into account and delivers precise, reliable results.



First versions can be created quickly for many applications. So that you can start your work or offer your services quickly.

With passion, creativity and high motivation to solve every task. So that your ideas become a reliable application.

Satisfied costumers

For you or your customers: With communication to that application that precisely takes your needs into account for processing your spatial data.

to save time

Have your tasks done reliably and automatically

Do you have tasks that are time-consuming or you do over and over again? Save yourself time and have your tasks done automatically so that you have more time for other things.

Reduce your costs

Do you use expensive services or software that is not exactly cheap? Let's see if we can create the service or software for you. To save yourself a lot of money that you can invest in other things.

reduce costs


GIS programming

GIS Software Development

My software development services for GIS applications include:

  • Add-ons to expand your existing GIS system and make it more powerful.

  • Complete web and desktop GIS applications that are tailored to your company and your customers. To use and process your spatial data optimally.

  • Special GIS applications, such as to prepare your TIN data, oblique aerial imagery data and 3D UAV flight plannings, in order to make each of your visions come true

GIS programming courses

GIS Programming Courses

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach."

- Albert Einstein


Learn everything you need within a few days to implement your project. From the basics to the creation of complex GIS programs.

Claus Nagel

Claus Nagel | Virtual City Systems

Christian always finds a perfect solution for our requirements. We particularly value his high perception and ability to quickly familiarize himself with new topics and technologies and to develop creative results. His teamwork and communication skills are very important to us.

Let's talk about your project idea and find the optimal solution for you!

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